Given the possible damage caused by the sun, we list some ways to protect cars, avoiding damage and extending the vehicle’s durability. After all, prevention is better than cure. 

Wash and dry the car thoroughly. Avoid leaving the car to dry on its own; ideally, when washing, choose products that remove dust and moisturize. To dry, use flannels that absorb water well and let it dry in the shade. It seems simple, but this process will prevent some minerals present in the water from remaining in the painting and may react when they come in contact with the sun’s rays.

Use Waxes That, In Addition To The Shine, Filter The Sun’s Rays, Preventing Dryness.

Put on a protective cover or car sun visor (หลังคาบังแดดรถยนต์ which is the term in Thai). There are thermal options on the market with coated internal material to prevent scratches. Ideal for those who do not have a covered garage, the cover protects the paintwork and the vehicle’s internal parts. And remember, do not use the cover if the car is wet.

 Sun cover reduces the vehicle’s internal temperature. The panels, steering wheels, and seats need extra care, so using the specific product for the plastic parts also increases durability and protection. And the same rule of the flannel is indicated to remove the dust, avoiding that it reacts with the sun. For leather seats, some products help maintain the natural texture, moisturize, and maintain the material’s quality.

Glazing, acting as a protective resin preventing scratches, for example. The technique should be used after polishing the car to remove possible stains and scratches.

 Enveloping, made with thin and resistant plastic, prevents the body from suffering the solar impacts. The material has the function of reducing the impact of sunlight and removing the risk of scratches. Keep an eye on the tires. Asphalt heats up easily on hot days and, due to friction, tires need care. Keep the calibration correct and check every 15 days;

Pay attention to the mechanical part. Raising the temperature in the room increases the risk of damage to the refrigeration system, for example. Check the oil level, check that the hoses are cracked and that the water tank level is limited. Even the air conditioner needs preventive maintenance, as its use assiduously can cause damage. Lastly, use car sunshade umbrella ( ร่มบังแดดแบบคลุมรถยนต์ which is the term in Thai)

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