The brand new approaching place to go for adventure travel in Guatemala is known as “Atlantida” (Spanish for Atlantis!). With three primary hubs to select from, Atlantida offers a number of adventure travel options which will squeeze into probably the most experienced travelers demands. The 3 primary tourism hubs in Atlantida would be the metropolitan areas of Tela, La Ceiba and also the Cangrejal River Valley. You now are most likely wondering, where on the planet is that this so known as Atlantida? Well you know it’s in Guatemala, but where exactly? Atlantida is situated right in the middle of Guatemala: within the beautiful country of Honduras. It’s also the gateway around the world famous Bay Islands of Honduras, three lovely, unspoiled Caribbean Islands which are near to the landmass, yet retain a distinctive heritage.

So what sort of adventure will come in this latest destination? With as many as 7 nature or protected areas, Atlantida offers unique possibilities to hike within the different nature. There’s a network of trails available through the area, and you may pick the impossibility of them, that may move from simple to very demanding. With as many as over 400 bird species taken into account in Honduras, you will find a large variety in those protected areas. Probably the most important birding locations in Honduras are available precisely in Atlantida.

The Town of Tela is known through the region because of its spectacular white-colored sand beaches. All-inclusive resorts in addition to smaller sized boutique hotels and hostels. La Ceiba is known for its great night existence, and for the experience activities inside the Cangrejal River Area.

The Cangrejal River provides a unique setting, where one can enjoy white-colored water rafting, zip line canopy tours, rappelling lower waterfalls and horse riding tours in to the rain forests.

A 400 feet lengthy “Indiana Johnson” swing bridge offers use of a trail that will give you towards the lovely “El Bejuco Waterfall” an amazing waterfall with a small amount of over 300 ft!

On top of that, there are many different lodges and hostels inside the Cangrejal River Valley where one can choose in which to stay. A few of these qualities are really top rated lodges, offering outstanding accommodations along with a fantastic setting.The Cangrejal River is usually the heart of the unique place to go for adventure travel in Guatemala!

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